Our Fee

Service Charges

You wonder how much we charge for our professional services?

We provide unmatchable and highly professional services on a very competitive rates the bird eye view of which is as follows:

Initial 15-20 minutes advice and consultation is free of charge. No VAT is Applicable.
Entry Clearance application as Spouse of settled person 1000GBP (flexible)
Entry Clearance application as Child of settled person 1000GBP (Flexible)
Family of two OR more will be charged discounted fee, for two entry clearance application of the
same family will charged 1500GBP or a tailored package can be agreed (Flexible)
Entry Clearance as Visitor Visa, Family Visit Visa, Tourist Visa 750GBP (Flexible)
Entry Clearance as Fiancé visa  1000GBP (Flexible)
EU Family Permit to join EU family Member in the UK  750GBP (Flexible)
EU Family Permit - Documents confirming right of residence application 750GBP (Flexible)
EU Settled status application 650GBP (Flexible)
EU Pre-settled status application 600GBP (Flexible)
Settlement (ILR) based on Long residence application 1250GBP(Flexible)
Settlement as Spouse of settled person 1000GBP(Flexible)
Settlement application for Child 750GBP(Flexible)*
*Family of two or more can have tailored package with special discounted fee
Entrepreneur Tier 1 application 1500GBP
Student (General) Tier 4 application 750GBP (Flexible)
Tier 2 Sponsor licence application 2500GBP to 7500GBP (Flexible)
Tier 2 Work Permit application 1500GBP
Tier 5 application 1250GBP
Leave to remain Application on the basis of Child, Partner or Private life 1000GBP
Sole Representative Application 2500GBP to 7500GBP (Flexible)
Administrative review 875GBP (Flexible)


Naturalisation application for adult 1000GBP
Naturalisation application for qualifying child 750GBP
Naturalization application of child based on the discretion 1500GBP
Administrative Review 650GBP (Flexible)

Appeal proceedings including, lodging, initial grounds and preparation of bundle for the oral hearing will be 1500GBP (flexible), this does not include Court fee and Barrister/Counsel fee, the appellant has to pay the disbursements which include Court fee, Barrister/Counsel fee, documents translation, private translator or any other disbursement which may occur while dealing with the appeal.

Judicial Review application 1500GBP this does not include Court fee, Barrister/Counsel fee for drafting the Grounds or representing the applicant in the Court, the applicant has to pay any other disbursement which may occur while dealing with the application.

Further representation to the Home Office, section 120 Grounds 500GBP
Detention centre representation in writing only  500GBP
Bail in immigration matter 1500GBP

For any other immigration-related matter, please call us and we will be able to give our precise cost/fee. Our fee for family and housing matter will be in between 150GBP to 250GBP per hour or a fixed fee can be agreed.

Flexible “means fee can be negotiated”

Further information about Home Office fee etc please visit:

Call: (00)447940657357